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Paper Types

180g/qm: Sulfat cartboard. A soft cardboard with a white inner side. Mainly used for discobags. 300g/qm: GC1. This cardboard with white innerside is our standard cardboard for LP covers. 300g/qm: Karftpack is a brown, rough cardbord. 350g/qm: GC1. This cardboard with a white innerside is the …

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Record sleeve

Sizes: 7″, 10″, 12″, with/without hole. Paper types: 300g Gc1, Kraftpak, 350g grammage The LP outer sleeve with 3mm spine is the classic package for vinyl. An individual finish can be achieved through special refinements like faint shrinking, gloss varnish or UV spot varnish. If you want …

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Sizes: 7″, 10″and 12″, with/without hole. Paper Types: 300g Gc1, 180g The favourite option for most DJs. No inner sleeve. The 180g/m² bags are also often used as inner sleeves for albums. Available options are black/white, or brown nature cart.