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The CD is definitely not the most popular medium to store music or data anymore. But by sophisticated and exceptional packaging or special finishing like CDs that look like vinyl singles you still can achieve surprising effects with the little silver disc.
To offer any customer the product he is looking for, we offer screen- or offset printing for the Label, and different paper versions. A professional CD-R check is also included.

We are happy to give you advise for the creation of a superior product.

Preparing your CD pressing order

For duplication, music or data should be delivered in an accurate CDR (red or yellow book standard) or you can upload a Disc Description Protocol (DDP) file or wav files and we make the DDP file for you.
For transfer please use our WeTransfer account
The recording of the music does not satisfy your demands on sound quality? We provide audio mastering in order to polish your production.


The graphic part of a CD production usually consists of printing the surface of the CD (label print) and printing other items such as cover, booklet and inlay. Label prints are screen-printed and all other items are printed by offset.

The cover design offers endless opportunities – cover cards (one page), booklet (several pages), Leporello fold (several pages, folded), cross folded or gate folded….
The following specifications include all standard formats. If you wish to receive more details on an individual packaging solution, we are happy to help you with particular specifications.
If you do not have an art designer, we are happy to do the design for you.

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