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Custom Vinyl / Dubplates

vinyl dubplate

How is a vinyl dubplate cut?

Our vinylcuts are made out of PVC blanks, which is the same material a ‘standard’ record is pressed into. They are just as well durable, sound a little better in most cases and are – in contrast to conventional dubplates that are cut into acetate discs – preeminently suitable for scratching. A conventional dubplate has a durability of about 80 play-backs. Our records are as durable as pressed vinyls and can be cut up to +6dB and thus achieve higher sound levels and intensities than pressed vinyls.

Our dubplates are cut on a Vinylrecorder, our Mastercuts on a Neumann VMS70. Our Dubplates are not suitable as test for a pressing, because the sound differs between both machines. If you want a acetatecut for reference, please inform us about that in your order.

How much fits on which format?

The playing time depends on the volume, which the record is cut in. The numbers listed below refer to a ‘loud cut’ record. If a record should comprise more, volume must be lowered and the noise floor increases.


Vinylrecorder im Duophonic-Studio

12″8 min12 min
10″6 min8 min
7″4 min6 min

What do I have to consider when delivering the material?


All kinds of audio formats such as .mp3 .wav .aiff etc.. are accepted.

For mastering the following rules apply:

Be careful of phase issues in the low end area. The best way is to avoid the use of stereo basis broadening effects.
Occurring phase distortion can be detected by a mono compatibility test.

Pay attention that there are no digital distortions.

Frequencies above 15kHz can be attenuated.

Using de-essers in an unobtrusive manner is highly recommended with ‘fizzled’ vocals.
Avoid frequencies below 20Hz, because here’s the resonance spot of the most tonearms.


The files should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Pdf and Jpg are allowed.

Printed Label: Final diameter: 9,6 cm, please create the file with 10 cm diameter. The outer edge gets lost in the process of production.

Printed Cover: Final measures: 31,1cm x 31,5 cm, file measures please 31,6cm x 32cm. One file for front and one for the backside.

How can I order my personal one-off vinyl?

You can purchase your order through our online shop:
-----> Order custom vinyls <-----
Here you are able to upload all needed files.
Prices, specifications and other information is available there too.