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Custom Vinyl / Dubplates

© Caro Dentler

Vinyl Records – cut, not pressed!

Each of these records is unique and is cut in real time into a PVC blank, the same material that’s used to press “normal” LP’s.
Unlike conventional dubplates, which are cut into acetate discs and have a durability of about 80 plays, our vinyl custom-made records last as long as pressed records and can be cut up to +8dB!
Their sound quality is identical to pressed vinyl and is perfect for scratching.
All this is possible because we operate machines that are optimally adjusted to their tasks. Our dubplates are cut on a Vinylrecorder, our master cuts are done on a Neumann VMS 70.
Since the sound of the two machines is different, our
vinyl one offs unfortunately don’t work as test cut for a pressing. If a reference cut is to be made on an acetate blank, please indicate this when ordering.

Vinylrecorder in the duophonic studio, © Caro Dentler

How can I order my personal Vinyl Dubplate

You can easily process your vinylcutting order via our online store.

All data required for the order is transmitted here.
Also all prices, print templates and delivery conditions can be found here.

How much fits on what?

Due to technical peculiarities of the machine, the playing times listed below should not be exceeded significantly (max. +2 minutes).
The playing times are shorter than for pressed records, please consider this when ordering.

45 RPM33 RPM


8 minutes20 minutes


6 minutes8 minutes


4 minutes6 minutes
Possible playing times for custom vinyl made by duophonic