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Lacquer Mastercuts

© Caro Dentler

The duophonic studio

Our mastering studio is equipped with a Neumann VMS 70 lacquer cutting machine. This was extensively modified by Wilson Audio in 1993 to adapt it to modern requirements. Stan Ricker has already worked with Acoustic Sounds on this unique setup and has cut some outstanding records that are highly sought after by collectors!
Our estensive experience in vinyl cutting allows us to transfer your digital premaster to the analog medium of vinyl in an optimal way.

The duophonic sound in every pressing plant

We send our master cuts to all well-known pressing plants throughout Europe.
So if you appreciate our special sound but want to handle your pressing yourself, we will be happy to take over the lacquer cut for your production.

Neumann VMS70 in the duophonic studio, © Caro Dentler

We also offer special audio mastering for vinyl productions.
Most music productions leave the recording studio optimized for digital distribution or CD duplication. Due to certain characteristics, vinyl records have special requirements in frequency reproduction and dynamic behavior.
Regarding the preparation of the premaster, please refer to our specifications.

Price List Master Lacquer Cut

The prices apply to a two-sided production.

14″ Master Lacquer Cut for LP or 10″ 33RPM/45RPM220,00
10″ Master Lacquer Cut for 7″ 33RPM/45RPM150,00

All indicated prices are net prices and are in Euro.