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Lacquer Mastercuts

master lacquer cut with sx74 cutting head

The Duophonic-Studio

Our mastering studio is equipped with a modified Neumann VMS70 Mastering Lathe to meet the requirements of modern music.
We cut all masters for our pressings with this unique sounding machine. If you want that special „duophonic sound“ on your pressing, no problem, we send our lacquers to every pressing plant in the world.
On the basis of our longtime experience in vinyl cutting we are able to transfer your digital source to the analoge medium perfectly, but the better the digital master the better the vinyl can sound.
So check out our Specifications please that tell you how to prepare your premaster to avoid the common mistakes.
We also can offer a special mastering to fit your production perfectly to the vinyl medium incl. a Testcut and digital proof files.
Just get in contact for further information.

Mastercutting on Neumann VMS70
Neumann VMS70 im Duophonic-Studio

Pricelist Mastercutting

The prices for the mastercut apply to a doublesided production.

Product Price/2 Sides
14″ Lacquercut for LP or 10″ 33 or 45 rpm 220,00
10″ Lacquercut for 7″ 33 rpm or 45 rpm 150,00

All listed prices count in Euro.