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Express Manufacturing


Guaranteed advance production of a vinyl one-off.

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Guaranteed production and outgoing standard shipping in maximum 3 business days.
For printed covers in maximum 5 business days.
Note that we do not offer express shipping.

Please add this product to your shopping cart and increase the quantity there according to the amount of records you would like to order.
A quantity discount will be calculated.

Not possible in combination with Picture Discs.

Bulk Discounts

Our shopping cart independently calculates a quantity discount depending on the number of products. The scale is as follows:

  • from 2 pieces there is 20% discount
  • from 3 pieces there is 33% discount
  • from 5 pieces there is 45% discount
  • from 7 pieces there is 50% discount
  • from 9 pieces there is 60% discount

Please note that the discounts are calculated separately for each product type. It does not matter if you have the same or different configuration of a product in your shopping cart.
The quantity discounts are recalculated when you refresh the shopping cart.

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