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production procedure

Accepting an offer

Please send us the following information:
– Possibly desired changes to the offer
– Production title
– Artists
– Catalogue number (if available)
– Tracklist with times and pauses
– Estimated delivery date audio files
– Estimated delivery date print files
– Delivery address for test pressings
– Delivery address(es) for final product
– Billing address
– Telephone number (also of delivery addresses)
– Desired delivery date
– Planned release date

Delivering audio files

According to the track list. After the order has been placed, we will provide you with an access via the data protection-compliant, secure cloud service from to upload your production data.

Order confirmation

After receiving the master, we will confirm the order and start production.

(GEMA) delivery permit

We cannot produce test pressings without delivery permit.
You can find the online application for exemption from GEMA here.

Delivering print data

In order to ensure a smooth workflow, we recommend that you deliver the print data within 2 weeks after production start at the latest.

Approval of cover graphics

We will send a correction PDF after checking the data.

Delivery of testpressings

Test presses are always pressed with black vinyl (standard weight).
Please check the test pressings for the following:
1.) Engraving
2.) Order
3.) Possible irregularities during playback.
In case of any problems please compare first with the other copies and on different playback systems (pickups, turntables, amplifiers, speakers).

Delivery schedule

By arrangement – release of cover, test pressing and GEMA exemption are required.
Without guarantee.

Acceptance of the packages

Please refuse to accept damaged packages and inform us immediately!
We always recommend pallet shipping to avoid transport damages.

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