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Packaging & Print Specifications

Please adhere to:
– Resolution: Min. 300 dpi
– Colour Space: CMYK (no RGB elements!)
– Colour Application: Max. 300%
– Output Profile: ISO Coated v2 300%
– File Format: PDF/X-3

Here you will find an overview of some of the possible printed materials and the corresponding specifications:

What do I have to consider when delivering the graphic data?

The files should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The colour application/saturation must not exceed 300%! Otherwise the font may run out. Especially when printing the labels, there is a risk that they will not dry properly and thus not adhere perfectly to the record.
Please make sure that all fonts are embedded. When printing the covers, many surfaces and finishes are possible, such as Inside Out, matt cellophaning, gloss varnish, spot varnish, etc.

You will find some examples in our credentials.


Either a Grayscale document is to be delivered (only the black channel is occupied) or another channel from the CMYK spectrum, e.g. Yellow.


The prices for 2-colour printed materials refer to 2 channels from the CMYK mode. But we can also print with Pantone colours, the data must contain the Pantone colour. For spot colours only the Pantone Solid Coated fan is accepted.


For all packages that are to be printed in 4 colours, the files must be created in CMYK mode.
Also single elements in RGB mode in a CMYK document cannot be printed.

Please provide us with print-ready PDF files. Otherwise a flat rate of 10€ (net) will be charged for the creation of a printable file.