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© Caro Dentler

The final touch

In addition to the pure dubbing service, we also offer qualified audio mastering in our mastering studio.
The combination of trained ears, optimized room acoustics and selected digital and analog equipment guarantees an optimal result.

Whether for your CD production or digital release, we give the necessary analog warmth back to your digital recording.
We also master especially for vinyl productions. Here our big advantage is that the result can immediately be checked for vinyl suitability with a test cut on our Neumann machine. We will then be happy to send this to you for approval.
We always look forward to an in person visit in our studio, so that you can be present and have a direct influence on the result. Just make an appointment with us.

© Caro Dentler

What should I expect?

We usually charge for our mastering work on a per song basis. For individual requirements such as the digitalization of analog sound carriers and subsequent restoration or smaller “repair work”, we charge per hour:

Mastering per song48,00 €
Mastering studio hour55,00 €

All prices include 19% VAT.

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Studio Equipment

  • Benchmark DAC1 I/O Wandler
  • Mytek ADC 96 Wandler
  • Samplitude Pro X3 Suite
  • UAD 2 Karte
  • Otari BX56
  • Studer B62
  • Dangerous ST Monitor Switcher
  • Dangerous ASS
  • RTW 1204 Meter
  • Orban 536A Deesser
  • Adt TM205 Stereo Mastering EQ
  • TM130 MS EQ
  • TM222 Mastering Compressor
  • API 2500 Compressor
  • Gyraf Gyratec X Vari Mu Compressor
  • Gyraf Gyratec XIV Passive EQ
  • Neumann PEa EQ
  • Clariphonic EQ
  • Klein & Hummel OY
  • Klein & Hummel O300 D
  • Klein & Hummel O800 Sub
© Caro Dentler


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Here are some recent productions that are still hanging in our ears:

Orsak;Oslo (Post-Rock), The loafing heroes (Folk), Desert Souls (Garage), Landlergschwister (World), Who Am I (Soundtrack), Tim Allhoff (Jazz), Bilders (Rock), Das Hobos (Electronic Folk), LeRoy (lo-fi DIY tekno-pop ), The colder sea (Pop), Adulescens (Indiepop), Alien Ensemble, der Herr Polaris (singer songwriter), Hans Ehlert Hamburg, The Notwist (Superheroes, Ghostvillains And Stuff), Kala Brisella (Ghost), Kama Aina & Hochzeitskapelle (Wayfaring Suite No. 2), Kofelgschroa (Bayern-Krautrock), Sloe Paul (Indie), Lubomyr Melnyk (Minimal Music), ago (sun), Carpet (Riot Kiss), TAM TAM Tanzscheiben

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