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We want to act differently.

We are aware that vinyl records are made of plastic.
At least they are not “disposable products” – but a piece of music culture.

Since there are a lot of unavoidable CO2 emissions during production, we make a contribution and compensate for pollutant emissions.
We see the voluntary compensation of these emissions as the first step towards the “environmentally friendly record”.
That’s why your vinyl records (all new orders) are produced by us as climate-neutral products. Climate-neutral means that the CO2 emissions generated during production are calculated and compensated by investing in a climate protection project.

How does it work?

We register your production at to get a certificate for your catalog number and the production title.
By compensating the CO2 emissions, you receive the label “climate neutral” and a tracking ID, with which the authenticity of the compensation can be checked with each individual production.

The initiative „Deutschland Plus“ from natureOffice has created an efficient tool to effectively improve the state of forests, biotopes and bogs in the project regions in Germany.
The lean infrastructure enables the effective use of funds and communicates the climate and species protection problems with their grave consequences for our society to a growing population group.
This strengthens the regional and nationwide commitment to our natural livelihoods on a broad basis. The Germany-wide locations have been supervised for many years by the Bergwaldprojekt e.V.
Bergwaldprojekt e.V. was founded in 1987 for the purpose of protecting, preserving and maintaining the forest, in particular the mountain forest and the cultural landscapes, as well as promoting understanding of the relationships in nature, the interests of the forest and the dependency of humans on these livelihoods and works among others with many volunteers with the goals:

  • to preserve the diverse functions of ecosystems
  • to make the participants aware of the importance and endangerment of our natural basis of life
  • to encourage a broad public for a nature-friendly handling of natural resources

We provide the label “klimaneutral” in different color and language versions and it can be extended on request by a QR code. The logo can be printed on the outer cover, the labels or not at all.

How else do we act sustainable?

Fair Bank

We have our business account at Germany’s first social and ecological bank, the GLS Bank. They not only refrain from speculating with their money on the international financial markets, but also support sustainable entrepreneurs in Germany through credits, so that they can act socially, ecologically and economically sensible.

Green Power

Our studios and offices are powered by green power from Naturstrom.
The resulting annual CO2 savings correspond to the lives of more than 30 trees.

Shipping and Packaging

In order to dispense with plastic as much as possible, we use adhesive tape and document pockets made of paper or recycled paper in the office. In addition, all parcels leaving our premises are sent climate neutral via “DHL GoGreen” or “UPS Carbon neutral”.

Corporate Hierarchy

We all make decisions together, that is, everyone has the same say.

We support (business and private):