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Vinyl Pressing

vinyl pressing records

Record pressing start at the edition of 100

Our core business is the production of vinyl records as  7inch, 10inch and 12inches. We press vinyl records for numerous national and international clients since nearly 15 years. Our records meet highest qualitative requirements. Our extensive supplier network enables us to cater for every special request – from special designs like picture-vinyl, coloured vinyl or centered cuts to extraordinary packaging, engraving or endless grooves – the sky is the limit!

We are happy to develope an individual concept for you!

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How to get a good sounding record

A record is an analogue sound storage media. Opposed to CDs, sound recording underlies physical conditions. Every mastercut is interconnected with a tone change when compared to the original sample. Changes in frequency response and tracking distortions might occur, the closer you get to the centre of the record.
To achieve optimal results, we are happy to consult you regarding playing times and  rotational speed.Because a perfect mastercut is the key to an euphonic record.
Please follow our guide lines :

  • Don’t plan with  long sides.
    tracking distrotions getting louder at the inner diameter of the recrod
  • Quiet and softer songs should be placed at the end of each side
  • No out of phase bass below 300 HZ
  • Sibilance is another thing to check.
    Very often it’s easier to reduce those sounds on the individual vocal tracks while mixing or recording.
  • Do not over compress, over process or over EQ prior to coming in to cut, unless used as a desired stylistic effect.
    It’s not necessary to bring in a totally maxed out master.

We check every incoming master. If you don’t have the experience to match the requirements, we can help you with our mastering services.


More colours in this PDF (7MB)

The playing time of a record

Keep your side lengths as short as possible. In general, the shorter the side, the louder the cut. Longer sides will not lose quality just volume. They will be cut at a lower level.
The values listed below refer to a ‘loud cut’ record.

12″6 – 11 min17 – 22 min
10″ 5 – 7   min12 – 14 min
7″  3 – 5   min  5 – 6   min
record pressing

Data transfer

You can send us your masterfiles and printing data through our wetransfer account.
File Upload
WAV or AIFF files in 16bit or 24bit, every sample frequency is possible.
Please add an tracklist with playing times and pauses.
Additional possibilties are: Audio CDR, DAT and DDP.
If you send us a 1/4″ Master Tape we transfer your record with our OTARI reel-to-reel.


If you are not able to create your artwork by yourself, we offer you to do the whole design and production ourself.
You have an idea, but not the possibility to meet all the technical specifications? We help you with all the issues like bleed, saturation and resolution.

We are happy to make an individual offer for you.

Preparing and submitting your graphics

For any images that are going to be off-set printed,
we recommend that you use images of 300 dpi at actual size.
All fonts shold be embedded or converted to vectors. The color saturation sould not be over 300%.

We accept the following file types:

pdf fonts and linked files have to be embedded!
eps fonts and linked files have to be embedded!

Photoshop  10,00€ additional fee!
Illustrator 10,00€ additional fee!
Tif 10,00€ additional fee!
jpeg 10,00€ additional fee!

Here you find our specifications: