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Questions and Answers regarding our Online-Shop

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions we receive and other important information regarding our custom made vinyl dubplates.
You can also always contact us, if you prefer so.

Please note that the here named information only applies to our custom vinyl cuts and is in no way related to our vinyl pressings.

Right of Withdrawal

Right of Withdrawal

Since our goods are customer-specific products (German law, §312d BGB), there's no right of revocation.

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

Delivery times

Within Germany, our delivery times lie normally between 3 to 5 working days (with printed covers up to 10 working days). Please note urgent deadlines
into the comment box on checkout page. We endeavour to keep the desired deadlines. However, we cannot give 100% promises, so all our delivery dates
are subject to reservation.
We don't offer express shipping.

Shipping costs

When shipping, we work with DHL.
Within Germany the costs are up to 6,50€ including VAT. The packages are usually delivered in 1-3 business
days after the shipping notification. If the orders value is 150€ or more we offer free shipping within Germany.

For shipping within the EU, 15,50€ including VAT. For shipping into the EFTA States (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein) 16,50€ excluding
VAT. The shipping costs for the respective country will be shown at the end of your shopping cart in the shipping costs calculator.
Usually the packages will be delivered within 2-5 working days after the shipping notification.
Please make a personal inquiry for delivery times outside of Europe.

Payment Types

Payment in advance

Ordinary bank transfer before shipment of the package. Please indicate your order number as usage. The sending of a transfer
document to can speed up the production and dispatch.

Credit Card

We accept Visa and Mastercard. All our credit card transactions are handled through VR Pay.


Pay with your paydirekt account.


Pay with your PayPal account.

SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

The money will be deducted from your account by us or our payment provider (VR Pay).

Data Protection

Here you can find our Privacy Statement.

Ordering process

1. Choosing the product and configuring

Choose the product you want to order. You can choose between the size and form of the vinyl, equipment without a vinyl, a giftcard and additional services.
After you have chosen your product, the configuration starts. If it is an individual customized vinyl you will have to choose between two options in the following: The color of the vinyl, the number of turns, if it should be a one or two-sided play, printed or unprinted label, printed or unprinted cover. For more information regarding the different available options please read the other questions asked in this FAQ. If you chose your final product the following information will appear: price, possible print templates, play time per side. If you need a print template you can open and save it now. Are you satisfied with your choice? The button "uploading Data & in your cart" will guide you to the next step.

2. Cart

The shopping cart provides an overview of all the products that you have selected so far for ordering. Here you can remove products, change the number of a product, view quantity discounts, redeem coupons, calculate shipping costs, see the total price and upload the music / graphic files for your order. You can go back to the product selection via "configure another record".

Below the product overview, you will see upload buttons that allow you to select the corresponding files on your hard disk. If you want the audio files on the vinyl side to be cut in a specific order, you must open the files one at a time in that order. Consider the sequence well - there is unfortunately no possibility of re-sorting afterwards, except to delete the files and upload again.

As soon as you are satisfied with the content of your shopping cart and the uploaded files, go to "Checkout".

3. Checkout

On this page you will find forms for bill and delivery address. If you want to save these information for your next order and to have access to an overview of your orders you ordered so far in our online-shop then we suggest to create an customer account. We wont send newsletters or other inappropriate e-mails.
Under the delivery address on the right side you have the option to leave us a comment about your order.
Under the form you will find yet another overview of your order - but if you want to change it again, you will have to go back to your shopping cart. Please remember that you probably have to fill in the form yet again.
Now you can choose between the different shipping and paying methods. No later than after this step you should read our General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement, Order Statement and the Right of Withdrawal and accept them.
If everything is done, click on "submit order"! Hereby you submit a legally binding offer.

4. And now?

After a successful payment and order transmission you should see the order confirmation and it should be send to you as an e-mail also.
If you have chosen the payment in advance please transfer the required amount with your order number as an purpose of transfer on our bank account - the sending of a transfer document to can accelerate the production in this case. Otherwise, we will start with the production if everything is okay - if something is unclear to you, you can contact us.
Normally however you will receive the confirmation of the completion of your order within a few days with a number for the shipment tracking. And soon afterwards, the post man will appear with your custom made vinyl!

Which format should my audio data have?

The right audio format

You can send us your music in almost every audio format possible for example: wav, mp3, flac.
In general, it is advisable not to convert the music if it already exists in one of the formats listed above. If this is not the case and you first have to create a data then we suggest .wav as format of satisfying quality.
The sample rate and bit depth should ideally not be changed compared to the starting medium - in case of doubt, however, you can not go wrong with 48kHz and 24bit.
It should be noted that loss-free file formats such as .wav have a multiplicity of file sizes compared to compressed formats such as .mp3 - and the upload process can be significantly slower.

What should I consider when mastering my music for single vinyl production?

Guidelines for the perfect cut

According to experience, there is almost nothing we can NOT cut on record. However, if you want to avoid noticeable sonic changes, you should consider the same points as for the preparation of audio for vinyl presses:

  • Keep the recommended playing time
    Distortions and loss of height increase in the direction towards the center of the record.
  • Quiet songs with little heights to the end of the sides
  • No phase shifts in the bass range
    It is best not to use effects for stereoscopic amplification in the lower frequency range.
  • Make sure that no digital distortions occur
    (include a small security margin)
  • For very "hissy" vocals the decent use of a De-esser is recommended
  • Avoid too much compression/limitation of the sum,
    since this often does not contribute to the increase in the volume during the vinyl cut and can lead to distortions especially to the end of a side.
    A guide value is an average RMS value of -12 dB.
Can I also submit a CD, an USB-stick, a cassette, a vinyl or a recording tape?

Analog transfer

You have no way to upload your music or you want to avoid digital conversion?
We would also be pleased to accept your storage medium sent to us by post. In order to realize the vinyl cut, we can digitize your media or make a purely analog direct transfer. Depending on the amount of work involved, we charge a small fee, which we will be pleased to advise you in advance.

How much can I exceed the specified time?

Exceeding the playing time

At a maximum of 2 minutes.
In the case of a vinyl cut, the maximum playing time of a side always depends on the cut volume.
In other words, the shorter the playing time in relation to the space on one side, the louder can be cut, as more space allows a larger groove spacing.
Of course, in reality there are also certain coarse boundaries i.E. you can neither maximize the volume nor the play length infinitely.
The times we specify are guidelines in the sense of good quality and provide a result that can be compared with conventional pressed vinyl records.
The quieter the record is cut, the more clearly its side noises can be perceived.
It doesnt matter if its a few seconds beyond the specified playing time. Your music wont be "cut off" early.

Why does less music fit on an one-off vinyl than on a conventional vinyl?

The feedrate calculation

In contrast to the vinyl cutting machines on which the so called master foils for vinyl presses are cut, almost all vinyl-cutting machines for individual production are missing the "feed calculation". The feed calculation calculates the groove pitch in advance depending on the volume of the music.
This allows the "grooves" to be cut closer together in quiet passages than in loud ones - thus, saving more space for more music.
In the case of single vinyl production, the entire side is cut almost exclusively with a fixed groove spacing. This must be aligned according to the loudest passage.

How is your custom vinyl different from a conventional, pressed record?

Almost no difference!

Compared to the conventional vinyl, our vinyl cuts are slightly more angular at the outer edges. In addition, they can be slightly more bent with the same weight or the same thickness, since they do not have a slight height profile, such as pressed records. There are no generally identifiable differences in durability or sound quality.

Does the transparent vinyl sound worse than a black one?

No sound difference!

There are no sound cutbacks in color vinyl compared to black PVC. This is only in the case of pressed vinyl, not in our one-off vinyl production!

Are there single customized vinyls in other colors also?

Color selection

Unfortunately, currently we only have black and transparent blanks. The color table on our website only refers to vinyl presses starting from 300 pieces.

How often can I play a single customized vinyl?


Our vinyl cuttings are cut into the same material which is also used for a conventional record and are therefore just as durable. Previously, one-off vinyls or dubplates were often cut in laquer film. This is, however, not suitable for conventional playing, since the soft lacquer deforms very quickly.

What is the RPM/the rotation number exactly and why is it important?

Explaining RPM

RPM stands for rounds per minute. ON almost every record player there is a choice between 33 and 45 RPM - a little more rare is 16 or 78 RPM nowadays.
But why different speeds? A record produced for 33 RPMs generally has a longer possible playing time than it's counterpart to 45 RPM - at the expense of resolution and in most cases, also of cut volume. The faster the disk drive runs, the more path the playback needle will travel within a time unit.
So, lets say the playhead travels half a revolution per second at a fictitious 30 RPM - at 60 RPM it would be a whole revolution per second. Twice as much space theoretically equates with a double the possible detail resolution.
This is also the reason that each record looses resolution, the closer the playback needle reaches the center point. The qualitative difference between 33 RPM and 45 RPM is therefore the more obvious the closer the play position is to the label and the higher (in the frequency spectrum) the instrument plays in the song.
As a matter of experience, this difference is either not perceptible or irrelelvant to the ordinary listener. Much more noticeable is usually the difference in the cut volume - here, however, regardless of the RPM: shorter play time = louder.

How loud is a single customized vinyl cut?

Volume control

The possible volume depends on the playing time of the vinyl cut. The longer the music, the quiter the sound must be cut. In order to achieve a volume comparable to that of conventional vinyl, please keep to the recommended playing time.

I would like to have a single cut for a jukebox - What do I have to consider?

Singles for the jukebox

Our singles are only suitable for jukeboxes in the configuration black/large center hole/45RPM.

How hard and how thick are the customized vinyls?
black ca.1,5mm transparent ca. 2mm
7" ca. 50 gr. ca. 60 gr.
10" ca. 90 gr. ca. 130 gr.
12" ca. 150gr. ca. 190 gr.
I would like to order several products - do I get a discount?


Our cart is self-calculated, depending on the number of products.
The graduation is named down below:

  • from 3 pieces there is a 10% discount
  • from 5 pieces there is a 15% discount
  • from 10 pieces there is a 20% discount
  • from 15 pieces there is a 25% discount
  • from 20 pieces there is a 30% discount

Please note, that those discounts are calculated for each product type individually. Wether you have a product several times with the same or different configuration in your shopping cart does not matter.


I would like to order over 10 different/same individual products - what do I have to consider?

Short runs

Please note, that there may be some longer delivery times for small batches. For more detailed information on your project, please contact us. All our delivery dates are subject to change.

How do I attach the graphic files for the labels?

The right graphic file (labels)

A few tips:
Since there is no guarantee that the label will be printed 100% centered, it is best to dispense with originals with a pre-determined center hole. In this context, it is also recommended to use circular elements, e.g. place the circle with a margin of safety (at least 2mm) from the edge and the center. If possible, the background should fill the entire image, including areas that wont be displayed on the label later on. Wether the file size is exactly 10x10cm or slightly smaller/larger doesnt matter that much because we always scale the label to the right size. Whats more important is that the file is square. PICTURES IN THE CORNERS WILL NOT BE PRINTED.

How do I create the graphic files for the cover?

The right graphic file (cover)

When creating your artwork for the cover you should pay attention to a sufficient resolution. A minimum of 300 dpi is recommended. Furthermore, sufficient (at least 3mm) distance to important image elements at the outer edges is important.
Recommended black values for the best result: C70 / M50 / Y20 / K100.


Can I also order an unprinted cover?

Unprinted covers

We usually use KRAFTPAK® cover for our single vinyl production. Alternatively, we also have some remaining items of other unprinted covers in the house. You are welcome to ask for your wish cover in the order comment or in personal contact with us.

How are the labels and the cover printed in color?

Color of printed matter

For both labels and covers, we use digital printing. Color differences between label and cover are possible. For large-area colors, irregularities may occur.

Can you send the record without labels?

Record without label?

Simply ask for it in the order comment, then we will gladly put the labels unpacked into the package.

How do I put the label on?

Sticking the label on

In order to achieve the best possible result when a label is glued, the following technique is used:

1. Place the record on a record player
2. Fold the paper slightly and pull the label with the middle finger and thumb at the opposite ends.
3. Press the label between the two fingers so that the center hole is pressed down with the adhesive side.
4. If the center hole is not free, use the finger of the other hand to tap and remove the adhesive side of the center hole.
5. Now the label with the center hole can be glued on the record over the spindle. Finally, spread the label from the inside out to the rest of the surface.


I have problems with the ordering process - is there an alternative method?

Order delivery without using the online shop

If you have serious problems with our online shop, we also offer an alternative order method. Please note that we charge an expense margin of 5€ incl. 19% VAT, if the reason is not a bug in our shop system.

Thats how its done:

1. Open the site

2. After accepting the Terms and Conditions of the company WeTransfer you have the possibility to send us files together with a message.

3. Please name your files as follows:
(Number of the vinyl)_(side)_(position of the song)_(original file name)
Example: 2_B_3_birthday song.mp3 - this file corresponds to the third song of the B-side of the second ordered single vinyl production.
Any print data should also be named according to this pattern.

4. the following information should be entered in the message field:
- short description of the problem / Reason for the use of WeTransfer
- Tracklist
- vinyl color: black or transparent
- Rotation number: 45 or 33 RPM
- One-sided or double-sided
- Label: unprinted or printed
- Cover: unprinted or printed
- Payment: Prepayment (bank transfer) or PayPal (+3€ incl. 19% VAT)
- Billing address
- Delivery address
- other remarks

5. Send / Upload
With this you accept our General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement, Order Statement and the Right of Withdrawal.

Please refer to our online shop for prices and further information.

After the receipt of the order, you will receive your bill within a few days by e-mail.

What about copyright?


Please read our Order Statement.

Excerpt from the general terms and conditions of Duophonic GmbH, § 12. Third-party rights:
The customer warrants with regard to the raw materials to be procured by him, that he has the necessary copyrights to the full extent. In the event, that duophonic GmbH is used by third-parties (including the GEMA) for alleged infringement of the rights of third-parties (in particular copyright exploitation and dissemination rights), the client shall release duophonic GmbH from these claims to the full extent and of duophonic GmbH will reimburse the costs of the denfense in full.

Is there an express production / express delivery?

Express production

At the moment we do offer neither express production nor express shipping in our English online shop.


The record is a gift - can you pack it neutrally / not include the bill?

Packaging as a gift

If you point it out in the order comment, we will of course gladly package the record neutral or do not provide any bill. In the latter case, the invoice is sent by e-mail.

How is my order packed for safe shipping?

Record shipping

For the shipping of 12" and 10" vinyl we use progresspack PP B03.08. This cardboard is environment-friendly and is perfect for sending records. We send printed covers in a PVC cover - in addition, the vinyl is placed outside the cover in the PVC sleeve to avoid "thumping". Our picture discs are also shipped in a PVC case. The measurements are specially designed for safe shipping.

My DHL package is not coming - can you request an inquiry?

Search request

If your package takes unusually long after the shipping notification and there is no change regarding the status of the shipment tracking, there is a possibility to submit an inquiry request at DHL. However, this is only accepted after the 8th working day - until then, even our hands are tied. The experience shows, however, that the packages reappear almost always way before a response from DHL appears.